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Traditional Thai massage

Intensive full-body massage is in Thailand a tradition dating back 2500 years. It is a sequence of techniques which combine important acupressure points on the human body with elements of passive yoga, stretching and reflexology. Acupressure is an ancient massage technique that uses mild pressure to stimulate the body’s natural relaxation. It relieves muscle, tendons and joints tension and regulate the energy flow in the body. This massage also stimulates vital forces and gives long-lasting relaxation feeling.

60 min. – 175zł / 90 min. – 240zł / 120 min. – 290zł make an appointment online make a reservation!

Thai oil massage

This full body oil massage combines natural oil product with traditional Thai massage techniques. Thai oil massage is a type of therapy focused on soothing the nerves, improving the immune system and achieving harmony of body and mind. It relieves pain in arms, neck, neck, back, pelvis and legs. This procedure is extremely relaxing and restorative.

60 min. – 200zł / 90 min. – 265zł / 120 min. – 325zł make an appointment online make a reservation!

Hot oil massage

Relaxing massage with hot oils provide deep relaxation and regeneration. It restores the natural balance in the body by stimulating the vital forces and their harmonious circulation. The purpose of massage is to achieve a balanced effect on the entire body surface. The technique used combines elements of classical and therapeutic massage. The use of herbal essences facilitate the release of emotional tension and strengthen vitality.

60 min. – 215zł / 90 min. – 285zł / 120 min. – 330zł make an appointment online make a reservation!

Hot coconut oil massage

Hot coconut oil moisturizes skin which becomes smooth and velvet in touch. Vitamins and minerals contained in coconut oil nourish the skin and antioxidants rejuvenate it. Massage strengthens the immune system and regulates blood flow. It is a revolutionary treatment for the skin, but also for the whole body and soul. In general, hot coconut oil massage helps reduce stress, gives a feeling of deep relaxation and soothes the senses. Recommended especially for cool evenings.

60 min. – 215zł / 90 min. – 285zł / 120 min. – 330zł make an appointment online make a reservation!

Aroma oil massage

An aroma oil massage is a full body massage using aromatic oil blends that are applied to the body and relieve stressed muscles, increase circulation and soothe the body, mind and spirit. The treatment combines massage with the healing influence of pure natural etheric oils derived from plants and flowers. The massage is carried out by individual correlation of the essences to stimulate blood circulation, relax muscles and release toxins from the lymph system for relaxation and purification.

60 min. – 230zł / 90 min. – 295zł / 120 min. – 360zł make an appointment online make a reservation!

Sport massage

This type of massage is designed for people who exercise regularly. It serves the purpose of the recovery after intensive training loads. It relaxes muscles, tendons and also alleviates the pain. It also helps the recovery time after an intense and long training to shorten. Thus the risk of injury is minimized, which occur from the intense training load.

60 min. – 250zł / 90 min. – 320zł / 120 min. – 385zł make an appointment online make a reservation!

Hot stone massage

The history of massage dates back to approx. 5000 years ago, when it was used in India and by the ancient Mayans. Deeply relaxing Thai massage with hot stones is a unique combination of elements of acupressure, drainage, aromatherapy and thermotherapy. This type of massage is based on the theory of body’s self-curative abilities and energy flow through the body. It involves gentle, harmonious movements performed with hot basalt stones.

60 min. – 250zł / 90 min. – 320zł / 120 min. – 385zł make an appointment online make a reservation!

Thai hot herbal stamps massage

This type of massage is performed with the help of herbs and spices mix including eucalyptus leaves, turmeric, tamarind, lemongrass and many more. According to a Thai tradition, a mix of medicinal herbs is placed in cotton bags, so called stamps, and heated in steam heater. Heated stamps emit intense aroma and aromatic oil essence which is applied to the body during massage. This procedure stimulates stimulate body and mind relaxation, and purify the body of harmful toxins. It also has analgesic effect and support metabolism.

90 min. – 240zł / 120 min. – 295zł make an appointment online make a reservation!

Head, back & shoulders

Thai massage of the neck, head and shoulders will help you to relax, bring relief from headaches and alleviate the symptoms of stress. It will also eliminate pressure and tension around the painful area of the back, neck and shoulders. The combination of different massage techniques is also designed to eliminate both traumatic and chronic pain of various parts of the spine. The upper parts of body are often extremely tight and need relaxation after a hard day’s work. This type of therapy was originally used to bring relief to the riders after a long time spent in the saddle.

30 min. – 110zł / 60 min. – 165zł / 90 min. – 225zł make an appointment online make a reservation!

Head massage

The upper parts of the body accumulate stress throughout the day and are often extremely tight. Excessive muscle tension in the shoulders, neck and head area, causes discomfort and pain. This massage gives you a comprehensive benefits: it stimulates vitality, brings deep physical relaxation and emotional harmony. Performed in a sitting position refreshes, improves concentration and acts as a “boost of energy”. The massage is recommended for people with sedentary lifestyle.

30 min. – 120zł / 60 min. – 165zł make an appointment online make a reservation!

Foot massage – Reflexology

This therapy focuses on the soles of the feet and is combined with massage of the toes, ankles and calves. All of this with the use of special oil extracts. This massage is ideal to remove the feeling of “heavy, tired legs”. It detoxifies the immune system, improves the quality of sleep and stimulates the flow of energy. It is also very popular due to its beneficial influence on the blood system. If regular applied, reduces the risk of sedentary lifestyle diseases and restore balance in the body.

30 min. – 95zł / 60 min. – 160zł make an appointment online make a reservation!

Four Hands Oil Massage

Unique massage performed by two massage therapists simultaneously.

60 min. – 360zł / 90 min. – 460zł / 120 min. – 560zł make an appointment online make a reservation!


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